Aktarum - Gang of Trolls

The last track is followed by a few minutes of silence and a hidden track.

1.Troll's Story01:08
2.Fight To Death04:15
3.Black Troll03:52
4.Jurassik Troll04:22
5.Gang Of Trolls04:28
6.Troll In The Forest03:48
7.Rock'n Troll03:36
8.Spiritual Troll04:27
9.Introll Army01:30
10.Troll Army05:09
11.March of the Trolls00:44
12.Victory Troll04:07
13.Troll Bard02:23
14.Imperial Troll03:32
Total playing time55:52

Country : Belgium

Genre: Black / Folk Metal


Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void

The drums for the CD were recorded at Daniel Antonsson's studio, while the
remaining instruments were tracked at Martin Brändström's newly renovated Rogue
music facility. The mixing duties were handled by Tue Madsen (Halford, Behemoth,
Kataklysm, The Haunted) at his Antfarm studio in Århus, Denmark.

1.Shadow In Our Blood03:46
2.Dream Oblivion03:48
3.The Fatalist04:32
4.In My Absence04:47
5.The Grandest Accusation04:55
6.At The Point Of Ignition03:52
7.Her Silent Language03:33
9.I Am The Void04:00
10.Surface The Infinite03:50
Total playing time47:42

Country: Sweden

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Ihsahn - After

Recorded during the first half of 2009 at Ihsahn's own Symphonique Studio, with
additional work at Toproom Studio (co-engineered by Borge Finstad).

1.The Barren Lands05:12
2.A Grave Inversed04:25
4.Frozen Lakes On Mars05:54
7.Heavens Black Sea06:15
8.On the Shores10:12
Total playing time53:01

Country: Norway

Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal