Aktarum - Gang of Trolls

The last track is followed by a few minutes of silence and a hidden track.

1.Troll's Story01:08
2.Fight To Death04:15
3.Black Troll03:52
4.Jurassik Troll04:22
5.Gang Of Trolls04:28
6.Troll In The Forest03:48
7.Rock'n Troll03:36
8.Spiritual Troll04:27
9.Introll Army01:30
10.Troll Army05:09
11.March of the Trolls00:44
12.Victory Troll04:07
13.Troll Bard02:23
14.Imperial Troll03:32
Total playing time55:52

Country : Belgium

Genre: Black / Folk Metal



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