V/A Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings

Cd 1:
1. Vàli: Hoestmelankoli
2. Empyrium: The Days Before The Fall
3. Nest: Summer Storm (acoustic)
4. Nebelung: Ich würd es hören
5. October Falls: Viima
6. Ainulindale: A Year Of Silence
7. Les Discrets: 5 Montee Des Epies
8. Les Discrets: Apres l'Ombre
9. Musk Ox: Solstice
10. Havnatt: Dagen Og Natta
11. Dornenreich: Dem Wind Geboren
12. Vàli: Haredans I Fjellheimen

Cd 2:
1. Nhor: Upon The Wind Its Wings Beat Sorrow Into The Stars
2. Ulver: Synen
3. Neun Welten: Pan
4. Tenhi: Kausienranta
5. Bauda: Ocaso (acoustic)
6. Orplid: Stille (Demo)
7. Nucleus Torn: Krähenkönigin III
8. Lönndom: Spranget Ur Ursprunget
9. Syven: How Fare The Gods?

Genre: Acoustic / Ambient

Download CD1

Download CD2



Saco Man said...

Great ! Really awesome ! Thank you very much :)

ainulindaleofficial said...

New Ainulindalë album Nevrast out soon ! more info at www.ainulindale.info

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